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1st RANK GATE 2019 CE
Prakhar Singh
AIR -1, Civil Engineering,
Myself, Prakhar Singh secured AIR-1, GATE-2019 in Civil Engineering branch. My journey started in 2017, when Left my job to persue my dream of becoming an ESE officer. When I started my preparation. I found another viable option to prepare for GATE Examination. The Main Challenge that I faced was finding the balance between ESE & GATE preparation as both needed separate preparation. In the first year of my preparation I failed to crack both ESE & GATE exams, but I kept my head straight & continued my preparation under the guidance of MADE EASY coaching. They created a positive environment for me, which kept me motivated to excel even further. Also I joined their offline & Online Test Series which helped me to identify my strong and weak areas. Lastly I would like to say that we should always believe in ourselves and remain focus and remember “ANYTHING can be MADE EASY”.
1st RANK GATE 2019 ME
Sumit Bhamboo
AIR -1, Mechanical engineering,
I am student of MADE EASY regular classroom course in Delhi. I started preparation for GATE/ESE and joined MADE EASY as I had received great reviews about the faculty here. And rightly so all the faculty members are really passionate to ensure all students get a clear understanding of complex concepts. MADE EASY classroom notes met all my requirements related to content and I did not feel the need to refer any books. Moreover, the Online Test Series questions were very close to the level of actual examination. Their video solutions introduced me to various shortcuts and tricks to approach different kind of questions. This helped me in boosting my self-confidence and thus, I wasn’t nervous during exam..
1st RANK GATE 2019 CSE
Pranav Sharma
AIR -1, Computer Science Engg,
I am Pranav Sharma, I achieved AIR-1 in GATE Computer Science. I would like to thank MADE EASY faculty for their tremendous support, both in & outside the class during my preparation. I found out the notes complete & to the point. I didn’t refer any book during my preparation. All my doubts about GATE preparation, conceptual & career related were solved by faculty. I troubled them a lot but they were always available. I also took Online Test Series & found it really helpful for giving me exact feel of exam before the actual exam. I also gave CBT of Made Easy which boosted by confidence to required level. Overall, the contribution of MADE EASY team in my journey is unparallel. I can’t describe it in words.
1st RANK GATE 2019 EC
Rajat Soni
AIR -1, Electronic Engineering,
My last 1 year in MADE EASY has been a really wonderful experience. I was fortunately enough to study under highly experienced faculty team of MADE EASY. I decided to join MADE EASY classroom course in Bhopal Centre in 2018 summers when I passed out from NIT Warangal. All the concepts and key approaches to a question are discussed in a very analytical manner. Even my weak subjects were taught in a very understandable manner that it helped me boost my rank in GATE-2019. I also appeared for both the CBT’s conducted by MADE EASY which helped me analyse my weak points and work upon them to boost my score in actual GATE Examination. I would dedicate my success to my family & faculty team of MADE EASY.
1st RANK GATE 2019 EE
Ritesh Lalwani
AIR -1, Electrical Engineering,
For the last 1 year, I was enrolled in MADE EASY Super Talent ‘T’ batch at Delhi Centre. I was highly inspired by the faculties of EE who helped me throughout the preparation with proper guidance. The faculties are very well experienced in their subjects and the environment at MADE EASY classroom helped me a lot throughout this journey. Personally, I would like to thank Mr. B. Singh Sir for creating this platform & all the faculty members like Hamid Sir, Balaji Sir, Murali Sir, Bhupender Sir, Jagadeesh Sir, Raj Kumar Sir, V Kumar Sir & Vinay Sir and all the faculties of EE. I had a great time learning at MADE EASY and really appreciate the efforts the entire MADE EASY team puts into.
1st RANK GATE 2019 IN
Shashank Mangal
AIR -1, Instrumentation Engineering,
Postal Study Course of MADE EASY are very well written. They have covered Full course of GATE in a very lucid way. Where I revised most of the postal material, thoroughly. There were some topics in Postal Study Course which were very were covered and they gave me a well depth knowledge. Solved and unsolved questions are packed in course material. Theory is very were covered as I don’t feel any need to read reference book. I also took Online Test Series, of MADE EASY very effective, OTS provides a complete evaluation of the question which you are not able to solve. I solved and attempt every Test Marks , I focus on grasping the concepts from that, so that I can improve my understanding towards the concepts.
1st RANK GATE 2019 PI
Surya Narayan
AIR -1,Production & Industrial Engineering,
Preparation for competitive exams gives us only some 30-40% confidence. It is very important to verify our concepts by solving test series. Which helps us to be motivated and help to clear our concept and always gives us a approach towards a problem. So, MADE EASY OTS gives us such confidence. The tests were upto the final GATE level exams. The questions had covered all the depth concepts and Main part was even if we stuck with any question, there was an option to ask. The experts of the subject, which really helped a lot.
1st RANK GATE 2018 ME
Amit Kumar
AIR -1, Mechanical Engineering,
I am Amit Kumar, GATE 2018 AIR 1, took the MADE EASY Online GATE Test Series 2018. I did B.Tech from DCRUST, Murthal and then did Masters from IISC Bangalore. I worked for 2 years at GE and then left my job and started preparing for GATE. MADE EASY online test series has really helped to strong my concepts work through my mistakes. The performance analysis is a great tool to compare yourself against your competitors. I have not taken any program from any other institute. Further, I did the classroom program back in 2011 which helped to score AIR-7 in GATE-2013.
1st RANK GATE 2018 CSE
Namita Kalra
AIR -1, Computer Science Engineering,
I, Namita Kalra, have secured All India Rank-1 in GATE 2018 in Computer Science Engineering. I would like to thank God, my parents, my friends who supported me. Also I would like to thank the faculties of MADE EASY who helped me to achieve this success. I had joined Regular Classroom Course at MADE EASY. I did not join any course in any other institute. The books and classroom notes were very effective. Regularly I used to appear for GATE OTS, this helped to evaluate my performance. To GATE aspirants, I would like to suggest that, attend the classes regularly, prepare proper notes and revise them at regular intervals. Practice as many previous question papers as you can. Be found, prepare a study plan and have trust on yourself.
2nd RANK GATE 2018 EE
Rahul Agarwal
AIR -2, Electrical Engineering,
I, Rahul Agarwal have secured AIR-2 in Electrical Engineering in GATE-2018. I thank God, my parents, my friends who supported me. Also I would thank faculties of MADE EASY. All of them were masters of their subjects. Which eliminates any need of extra reference material. I have joined regular classroom course at MADE EASY. I did not join any course in any other institute. Material provided by MADE EASY is sufficient if done effectively & multiple times. Online Test Series provided by MADE EASY is sufficient for GATE & I relied on notes, previous year papers and MADE EASY Test Series religiously. To all the GATE Aspirants. I would suggest that there is no definite strategy of preparation. Everyone has their own unique way of preparation & believe in your way of preparation. Attend classes regularly. Make notes of concepts, not formulas only & work as hard as your mind and body allows.
2nd RANK GATE 2018 ME
Anuj Kumar Prajapati
AIR -2, Mechanical Engineering,
My name is Anuj Kumar Prajapati and I have secured AIR 2 in GATE 2018, ME. I completed my BE from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology affiliated to Mumbai university in the year 2016. A major portion of the success belongs to my parents who made this day possible. I would also like to thank my friends and family who supported me during this journey. But all this wouldn’t have been possible without this journey. But all this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the faculty members of MADE EASY. I didn’t join any other coaching institute apart from MADE EASY Super Talent Batch for my GATE 2018 preparation. The faculty here was quite experienced for my GATE 2018 preparation. The faculty here was quite experienced and knowledge who took my knowledge level from zero to a competent standard. Besides the subject content, they also taught me how to approach a problem and more importantly, how not to approach them. Now coming to online test series from MADE EASY. The entire package was designed to increase the speed and accuracy of the candidate. I gave these tests seriously, analyzed my weak areas, negative marking, questions I could not attempt and planned accordingly.
2nd RANK GATE 2018 CE
Reema Agarwal
AIR -2, Civil Engineering,
I Reema Agarwal has secured All India Rank-2 in GATE 2018 in Civil Engineering. I would like to thank God, my parents, my friend Priyanshi who supported me during studies. Also I would like to thank Faculty of MADE EASY for motivating me & made me to study harder, also explaining the concepts in very easy manner. I had joined classroom course at MADE EASY. The books and class notes were very effective for the preparation of Exam, also I use to appear for GATE Online Test Series, which is also very helpful & give a check to the preparation level. So practice as much previous questions paper as much as you can stay focused & believe in yourself.
3rd RANK GATE 2018 CE
Souvik Saha
AIR -3, Civil Engineering,
I Souvik Saha have secured All India Rank 3rd in GATE 2018 in Civil Engineering. I have joined GATE-A batch of 2016, Non-technical course of ESE prelims and ESE Mains batch A in 2018. I would like to thank my parents for their extraordinary support, then I would like thank all my teachers of MADE EASY. Without my teachers effort, constant motivation, their extra ordinary of the subject knowledge, maybe I would not be able to secure the rank. I will be grateful for ever to MADE EASY for their contribution. Besides this if would like say that I have not joined any other course in any other institution.
3rd RANK GATE 2018 PI
AIR -3, Production & Industrial Engineering,
I was enrolled in MADE EASY weekend classroom Program (2015-2016) & this bond was extended with test series (2016-2017) & interview guidance program (GATE 2017 & ESE 2017). I am grateful to the entire faculty and team of Made Easy for their immense support during my entire preparation. I have secured AIR 3 in GATE 2018 from PI department.
5th RANK GATE 2018 CE
Vijayank Garg
AIR -5, Civil Engineering,
I am Vijayank Garg. I secured AIR-5 in GATE-2018 in CE. I pursued my B.Tech form IIT Roorkee. I joined MADE EASY Saket Centre for Regular Classroom program after completing my B.Tech. I also enrolled for Online Test Series of MADE EASY. Joining MASE EASY was very helpful for me. Faculty here is very hard working and they explain every minor detail of the subject which helped me to build my concepts from basic level To all the GATE aspirants I would suggest to attend classes regularly and prepare your notes properly to revise everything properly.
4th RANK GATE 2018 CE
Alok Shakti
AIR -4, Civil Engineering,
I Alok Shakti have secured in GATE 2018 in Civil Engineering. I would like to thank my mom & dad, my brother, friends who have always supported me. I would like to thank all the faculties of MADE EASY, who encouraged to achieve this success. I have joined Regular classroom course at MADE EASY. The classroom notes & books given by MADE EASY were very effective. I have attended all offline & online tests of MADE EASY, which helped in correcting my mistakes. To GATE aspirants, I would like to suggest that never miss classes, classroom notes are enough & revise these notes at regular intervals. Try to find out your mistakes, prepare a fix study plan. Be honest to yourself.

Best of Luck to all GATE aspirants.
25th RANK GATE 2018 CE
Vinay Prakash Sharma
AIR -25, Civil Engineering,
I, Vinay Prakash Sharma, a graduate in Civil Engg. from IIT Delhi, have secured All India Rank 25 in GATE 2018 in Civil Engineering. I would like to thank God, my parents, my friends who supported me. Also I would like to thank all the teachers of MADE EASY especially B. Singh Sir, Jashpal Sir, Kakkar Sir and M.K. Singh Sir who helped me achieve this success. I had joined classroom course (Batch A, 2016) at MADE EASY. Also I would like to inform that I did not join for any assistance for GATE preparation in any other institute. The classroom notes and Test-series were very effective in my preparation. To GATE aspirants, I would like to suggest that, attend the classes regularly, prepare crisp short notes covering everything and revise them at regular intervals strictly & all the best.
1st RANK GATE 2017 CE
Mridul Mishra
AIR -1, Civil Engineering
I joined online test series and postal study course of MADE EASY. The online test very closely resembles the actual GATE examination. I hope MADE EASY will continue its excellent services for the better performance of students in future.

1st RANK GATE 2017 ME
Hasan Asif
AIR-1, Mechanical Engineering,
Very good test series. Quality was very supreme with detailed explanation & video solutions. Mini GATE was very helpful for me.
1st RANK GATE 2017 IN
Thaduri Naveen
AIR-1, Instrumentation Engineering,
I have taken GATE Online Test Series. The test series of MADE EASY really helped me to improve my weak areas and to get ready for the real exam. The solutions provided were very detailed & accurate. I thank MADE EASY for their support in my preparation.
1st RANK GATE 2017 EE
Shivam Singh
AIR-1,Electrical Engineering,
I joined MADE EASY in June 2016 in Super Talent batch (T-Batch). It was immense pleasure to get knowledge and motivation from godly figure faculties. The test series helped me during time of revision. Whenever I feel demotivated, the words of faculties were the source of motivation. I am thankful to the entire MADE EASY team helping me in achieving success.
1st RANK GATE 2017 PI
Anirudh Tripathi
AIR-1, Production Engineering ,
I have joined online test series of MADE EASY for GATE -2017 examination. It consists of subject wise test which were very helpful for my GATE preparation. I was able to do my GATE examination easily without any difficulty.
1st RANK GATE 2017 CSE
Patel Nileshkumar
AIR-1, Computer Science ,
MADE EASY Test Series was really good. It has various levels: easy, intermediate & advance in which students can evaluate themselves. I solved different question papers, which gave me comprehensive idea about variety of questions in GATE exam.
1st RANK ESE 2015 CE
Palash Pagaria
AIR-1, Civil Engineering,
Dear All, I would like to give the credit of my success to my parents, sister, God and MADE EASY. ESE was my major goal and I started preparing from third year itself. Hard work, dedication, self confidence, blessing and belief are my success mantras. I attended all the tests of MADE EASY test series seriously, which was very useful and helped me to face the exam with confidence. Also please give gap of at least 5-6 days between the mock tests to analyze your mistakes. I worked more on my weaker subjects. My interview was smooth, more questions were asked related to my job profile as a result I scored 150 marks in interview.
1st RANK ESE 2015 ME
AIR-1, Mechanical Engineering ,
I am Pratap, I did my B.Tech from Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology. Major reason for my success was getting qualitative faculties at MADE EASY and at my college. I got tough competition from other students at MADE EASY, this motivated me to practice more and more. Faculties were very supportive and doubt clearing sessions were arranged to help the aspirants. Keep your basics and concepts strong in order to have good grip on the subjects. I also joined Interview guidance program at MADE EASY, which was just like UPSC, nothing less than that…. Believe me…. Good Luck to all.
1st RANK ESE 2015 EC
AIR-1, Electronics & Telecommunication ,
I owe my success to Almighty God, my mother, my brother and entire MADE EASY team. I use to do the preparation along with my job. I did B.Tech in Electronics & Instrumentation; so many subjects were new to me. However once I started I enjoyed learning subjects, which helped to sustain long study hours. The teaching pedagogy was very effective. Many questions were directly clicked from general studies notes provided by MADE EASY faculties. Mock interview helped me to filter out my weaknesses. I obtained 142 marks out of 200 marks in personality test, according to me positive attitude and practical thinking is very important while facing interview.
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